Celebrate Dads with Pics

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Greatest Dad Photos meme


Among the finest, kindest and greatest men who walk among us, are those who also care about kids, have a sense of humor and humility, and ooze generosity of spirit. They are called Dad.


GoodLiving’s Guide to Happy Healthy Kids is going to celebrate dads of Pinellas County in our upcoming issue through pictures in a featured called The Greatest Dad, Ever! A celebration of fatherhood in Pinellas County.


So here’s what you need to know if you want to participate:

  • Look through your cameras and phones for the best shot that depicts a Dad in your life.
  • Select a photo that is either Sweet & Loving, Funny & Silly and or Real Life.
  • It must be the original photo file. We cannot use photos copied from Facebook, other social media or a website in print.
  • It must be an image taken within the past five years, and include a child no older than 18.
  • Dad must be a resident of Pinellas County, FL
  • Email the image as a jpg file as an ATTACHMENT to info@goodlivingmag.com
  • In the email, include your name as the nominator, the name of the Dad, the first name and age of any kids in the picture, and a short description about why this dad is one of the Greatest Ever!
  • Know that by sending a photo by email that you are granting Light Shine Media Group LLC and GoodLiving Magazine the rights to use this photo in the magazine, in social media, and on the website for editorial and promotional purposes. You are also giving Light Shine Media permission to add you to the email list for the GoodLiving Healthy Kids Club.
  • To be considered for inclusion, photos must be received by end of day April 21, 2017
  • Not all submitted photos will be run in the feature story in the print magazine. Others selected will be shared on our Facebook page.