Dangers of Fragrances

Wanting to smell nice seems harmless, but according to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, there are chemicals in fragrances that are dangerous. We wear fragrances in perfumes, creams, shampoos and clothes that were washed in scented soaps. We breathe fragrances just about everywhere — in air fresheners, carpet shampoos, dish soaps, cleaning products and more. Many of the chemicals involved are asthma triggers, which is interesting because asthma is rising drastically, especially among small children.  Some fragrances contain as many seven different chemicals that are known hormone disrupters.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has published a very telling and detailed report called NOT SO SEXY on the issue of personal fragrances.  If you’ve ever wondered what’s in your bottle of Eternity, you can find out here. Sadly, the EPA and other government agencies do not have labeling requirements so it’s quite possible you don’t know about everything that you’re spraying on your skin.

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