DIY At Home Fitness for Kids

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Kids Can Do It! DIY Fitness

With little to no recess, and declining PE during the school day, it is more important than ever to help kids find ways to be independent when it comes to creating their own activity or fitness routines.  Kids who spend time in an after-school program can learn these exercises and recruit friends to join them.  Latch key kids can do this at home before parents come home!  In fact, any kid can do these after school either alone, with siblings or with friends.  Parents, create incentives as they increase their abilities to keep them motivated!

Learning how to take responsibility for their own fitness will help children develop good habits for a healthy life. This simple exercise plan can help them achieve 60 minutes a day, while empowering them to take set and achieve goals.

Parents can help them get started by

1. Making sure they know how to do these basic exercises
2. Printing out the tracking sheet here
3. Adding DIY Fitness to the after-school list of things to do, right along with homework, chores and reading. Or do it before school to get energized for the day.
4. Creating meaningful incentives for progress

Do these exercises in any order and don’t forget to keep track of each exercise on the tracking sheet. It will show you how strong you’re becoming.

  • Jumping Jacks
    Count as you go and do as many as you can.
  • Hopping
    Hop on one foot for as long as you can, then switch feet

sit up









  • Sit Ups
    Do as many as you can


  • Wall Sit
    Stand with your back flat against the wall, then slide your feet out and scoot your back down until it looks like you are sitting on a chair. Hold this position as long as you can.


  • Push Ups
    Do are many as you can. If it’s too hard to do a regular push up, then do them from your knees.


  • Squats
    Squat down and stand up again as many times in a row as you can.










  • Plank
    Hold a plank position for as long as you.


  • Arm Hold
    Hold your arms straight out to the sides as long as you can. Grab a couple of soup cans from the pantry if you want to make this more challenging.


  • Relay Running
    Find a spot to practice running sprint relays, like between two mail boxes or across your back yard. Do as many relays as you can and work up to more. See if you can increase your speed by having someone time you.

Be creative and personalize your routine. You can also include other exercises that you learn in P.E. like burpees and mountain climbers. Bring in the hula hoop, jump rope or march in place. Add music for energy and invite friends to join you. Challenge and encourage them to become strong like you.

Download the tracking form at GoodLiving

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