Good Ways to Spice up Your Valentine’s Day Dinner

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Spicing up your Valentine’s Day dinner can have an unexpected healthy twist.

1) Use fresh spices and herbs in dishes you make from scratch for added health benefits. Chili powder, garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper, black pepper and herbs can all add flavor and healthy goodness to your fresh cooked meals. One you may not be familiar with is Turmeric, a spice found in curry blends. The bright yellow spice has been used for centuries to add flavor to food by cultures who also knew about its healing qualities. Today, research is showing that turmeric has anti-inflammatory effects that is doing wonders for people with arthritis, as well as some properties that prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s.  Turmeric is available in capsules, as is curcumin, a chemical that is in turmeric.  However, cooks can grab some fresh ground turmeric from Spice and Tea Exchange and start adding it to recipes for soups, rice, lentils, chicken dishes and much more. Simply search recipes using turmeric and find something you’d like to try! Or subscribe to GoodLiving magazine to see the ones we feature next issue…

2) Rustic Italiano: This delicious blend of organic Italian spices can be purchased online or at the Saturday Morning Market along with a variety of other organic spices. Use the Rustic Italiano with pasta, for dipping bread or mixed with cream cheese for a dip. More info at

3) Want a little wine with dinner? Sip some without sulfites and avoid allergic reactions, headaches and hangovers. This weekend (Feb. 10 – 12) PRP Wines is having a wine tasting event at their warehouse located at 5910F Breckinridge Parkway in Tampa.  These wines are not sold in restaurants or stores — which is why they can be free of preservatives. Enjoy a fresher tasting wine from smaller boutique and estate wineries. If you can’t make the warehouse event, contact the Tampa Bay area rep, Carol Prokap at

4) Dessert can be delicious and gluten free with an organic chocolate cake from Gateau O Chocolate in St. Petersburg. Also found at the Saturday morning market as well as the markets in Hyde Park, Seminole Heights and Wiregrass.  Made in the classic french tradition by Monsieur Roux, a Master French Chef who delights in creating a decadent dessert that is free of flour.  Also sold online at

Happy Healthy Valentine’s Day!!

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