It’s Time for the Elf

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Do you have an elf for your children?

If you have no idea what this question is about, then I’m sure you’re quite curious.

The more popular elf is by Elf on a Shelf, but we have one from Elf Magic.  We liked that they had several different looking elves to choose from and you can also get them clothes, books and magic snow to get into the game even more.

Basically the first time an elf appears in your house for your child, there is a letter saying the elf has come from Santa to stay until Christmas Eve. The elf’s job is keep an eye on the child and report whether he or she is naughty or nice.

As a new parent, I wasn’t sure about how this was going to go, but we are on our 3rd Christmas now and our elf is named Snowflake for the design on his shirt (our son is not very original with names as evidenced by Snakey the stuffed snake and Pinky the beanie baby flamingo who now has Pinky’s Mom ~ real name ~ as a companion.

Nevertheless Snowflake has become a much beloved addition to our family. Our son is an only child, so he becomes extremely attached to Snowflake and it makes me sad to see how much he desires a sibling.  (It’s still National Adoption Month by the way. Just thought I’d mention that at this point but I digress.)

The fun for parents is after the children are asleep when creativity takes many different forms.  See the elves are known for the overnight mischief, or Elfcapades.  So sweet are the parents who create snow angels with the elf and a pile of sugar or makeshift a fishing pole to have the elf fish for a few goldfish crackers.  Some get a little crazier and have the elves tear up some wrapping paper or toilet paper the Christmas tree.  A little more disturbing are the parents who find ways to torture the poor little innocent elves by having them attacked by toy dinosaurs, strung up by Lego figures and hung in all sorts of precarious positions. Some even get dates with Barbie.

Because our Snowflake is so loved, we stay on the sweeter, safer side of creativity. In fact last night we found a way to make the elf have a teaching moment.

It’s really quite fun for the whole family and adds another great memory to Christmas. We know that looking back on his childhood, our little elf owner will remember Snowflake with much fondness.  And we appreciate the little extra boost we get for disciplining. “You don’t want Snowflake to tell Santa you are being naught do you?”  Works like a charm every time.  In fact, this year we needed a little attitude adjustment just prior to Thanksgiving, so Snowflake came a little early.  Yep. Worked again.  Thanks Santa.

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