The Magic of our Elf

Snowflake loves to hang out on the tree



This year marks the 7th year that Snowflake has been with us for the holidays. While you may be familiar with the “other” elves, you may not be familiar with the Elf Magic Elves.

Elf Magic elves are friendly elves who don’t just sit and spy. They are meant to be played with, loved on and treasured as friends through childhood. There are elves for boys and girls that have different colored hair. Pets and clothing can be purchased separately. There’s even a Hanukkah Helper.

Our elf, Snowflake, came to live with us when our son was three. He arrives sometime around Thanksgiving and stays through Christmas Eve when Santa carries him back to the North Pole. Now at ten, our son is still in love with his dear friend and he will likely remember Snowflake for the rest of his life. That’s how much he has bonded with his imaginary friend who comes to life at night to get into Christmas mischief.

He’s an only child, so having an elf friend each Christmas has given him a special confidant. Snowflake has been on a Disney Cruise with us. He travels to visit family. He attends concerts to watch our son perform. He’s even had a special medical procedure when our new puppy chewed up his face.

2013 cruise days 3 and 041
Snowflake on vacation in a port in Mexico


True story: We were all devastated to see Snowflake damaged by the puppy. I immediately called the Elf Magic company and they rushed me a replacement Snowflake along, with their Get Well Gown. We went to a visit a Santa Claus and I slipped him a note to give to our son. The note said to leave Snowflake on the dining room table tonight because the doctor elves were coming to fix Snowflake. We did the swap during the night and our son was overjoyed that Snowflake was fixed and all better.

That’s how attached a child can become to their Elf Magic elf, an elf they can play with. The elf’s arrival each season is more anticipated than Santa Claus himself. He brings joy to our son that we can’t replace, and we plan to preserve Snowflake so that he can become a shared memory with our son’s children’s someday.  We love the fantasy and make believe of the Christmas season in our home, and Snowflake has become a central figure in our tradition. We love that our son will have a tangible memory to go along with all the other warm memories of the holiday. As adults, we rarely remember the toys we get. But we do remember the special memories.

Our son is ten this year and is quietly struggling with belief vs. non-belief when it comes to Santa. The little boy is hanging on and as parents we continue to enjoy the fantasy of Christmas along with the spiritual celebration of our faith. Just last night, Snowflake was hiding in the saxophone case when he opened it up for practice. Oh my gosh, there was so much joy exuding from that little boy. He hugged him and his eyes got misty. He laughed with excitement and was filled with pure happiness that is hard to come by as we get older. “Snowflake came in time for my concert, mom!” he said. “Yes he did. Santa knew it was a big moment for you sweetheart and he wanted your friend to enjoy it with you,” I replied.

Across the room, my husband looked at me and said, “Santa looks out for you buddy.” He winked at me and I smiled. And two parents glowed in the knowledge that they were bringing irreplaceable joy to their son.


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