Video is a Wake Up Call for Parents

How would your child answer the question, “What is your most favorite way to spend your time?”


This video is an ad for Nature’s Valley out of Canada, and it’s a gut wrenching look at how life has changed drastically in two generations. Today’s kids are more likely to say playing video games instead of playing outside, and that’s a shame for many reasons.

  1. Video games are often solitary, taking away from time spent developing social and communication skills and building friendships.
  2. While beneficial in some respects, too much time interacting with screens can interfere with normal brain development. Our newest generation, Generation Z is said to have an 8 second attention span.
  3. Children and youth need to be outside taking in healthy amounts of sunshine, fresh air and interacting with nature.
  4. Video games have addictive results. Children susceptible to social problems, can seek solace in a screen instead of facing life’s challenges in healthier ways.
  5. Exercise. Plain and simple. Being outdoors requires one to move body parts. And after a day sitting at school, the body NEEDS to move!
  6. Children who spend too much time with devices are not learning how to balance their lives, set priorities and reach goals not affiliated with moving to the next level of a game.
  7. Some of the best times in life are spent learning about nature. We deprive our children of growth opportunities by allowing them to choose their digital device over the tangible, real world out of doors under the blue sky.

An unfortunate reality for our modern lives is that we must be INTENTIONAL to do things that came more naturally to our grandparents. We have to work harder to EAT CLEAN FOODS, MAKE FREE TIME TO BE OUTDOORS, ENJOY FAMILY TIME and PARTICIPATE IN CREATIVE ACTIVITIES. It may feel like we never have enough time or money, which is why it’s important to 1) make the conscious decision to do something 2) make specific plans to incorporate that “something” into a week, and 3) follow through.

This includes regulating device time for children, enforcing those boundaries and providing the encouragement to spend more time outdoors.

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