“He’d say you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything
You’ve got to be your own man not a puppet on a string
Never compromise what’s right and uphold your family name
You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”

lyrics by Aaron Tippen         


What we stand for

Strong Families ~ the basis of our culture is the family. Today families come in many forms and they are facing stresses like never before.  We stand for quality information that gives families the tools they need to best the they can be. Parents are the most important influence on a child’s life and so those parents need support, encouragement and celebrating.

Children ~ No matter the walk of life, all children deserve the best start to life they can possibly get. They represent the future of our world, yet children’s programs are struggling to keep up with demand in an era of budget cuts.  Research shows the importance of a child’s environment between the ages of 0 to 5, saying it’s the most critical timeframe when it comes to setting the path for the child’s life. Issues that impact this age group are quality early childhood education, quality childcare, developmental stimulation, nutrition and happy/healthy parents. For older children, the modern world is full of challenges that threaten to take away the innocence of childhood: bullying, violence, abuse, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, early sexualization, depression, poverty, negative influences of the media, body image, obesity, social skills, school pressures and their family situation.  In addition to all this, we are facing shockingly high increases of conditions like ADHD, Autistm, Asthma and Allergies. Parents of children who have these and other special needs for physical, mental, social, and learning challenges need all the support they can get.   We stand for information, programs and opportunities in our community that can make a difference in all of these areas, and more, to improve the lives of children.

Healthy Bodies ~ While healthy families build healthy communities, healthy bodies build those healthy families. We stand for wellness and the journey toward living a life that doesn’t require medications or invasive treatments. Our medical culture is one of treating sickness, and we all know the American medical system is in crisis.  Yet prevention for chronic disease, obesity, depression and many other health ills can be achieved with a healthy lifestyle, good mental health and regular spiritual practices like prayer.

Quality Food ~ We stand for improving the food supply for all Americans. That includes encouraging home and community gardening, consuming local and whole foods whenever possible, supporting local agriculture, cooking and eating meals as a family, healthy school lunches, truth in food labeling and reduction of harmful additives and processed foods from the American diet. We stand for people, organizations, programs and grassroots movements that are working to improve the quality of food for all, its availability and education about the benefits of good food.

Meaningful Reationships ~ As humans, we are not islands. We crave interaction, in fact, we need it for survival and health. Yet in today’s modern, fast paced world, quality, meaningful and rewarding relationships are hard to come by. Many moms feel isolated, especially working moms, single parents, grandparents raising grandchildren and those facing challenges that seem overwhelming. We stand for kindness and caring for one another. We stand for quality interpersonal interactions, you know the old fashioned way of talking to one another and getting to know someone’s heart. We stand for lifting someone up who needs it instead of looking the other way.  We stand for quality family time, friendships, volunteer opportunities and activities that create a sense of community and togetherness.

Quality Education ~ Education is key to achieving dreams. Every child needs to learn to read, write and achieve enough academic success to become a self-sufficient adult. Society and our education system are in crisis because our culture has changed and the old ways are not cutting it anymore. Something as massive as public education doesn’t change overnight, but we stand for and support any and all efforts toward positive change. We stand for parents who take responsibility for their children. We stand for parental choice when it comes to homeschooling and private education. We stand for teachers who have educated an entire society for generations, and are now being villainized by people who have never taught a class and have no idea of what teaching today’s kids entails.

Community Service ~ We stand for neighbors helping neighbors, no matter one’s age. The government can’t be relied upon to care for every detail and every person. As humans we have a responsibility to reach out and help those who need a hand up because no matter where you are in life, you have something to share with someone else. We stand for the community organizations, corporate volunteer programs, places of worship and grassroots efforts to make a positive change. We stand for mentoring of all kinds. We stand FOR TAKING A STAND as an advocate, speaking out for what is right or for someone who cannot speak for himself.

Values ~ We stand for values that made America great, and passing them on to the next generation. Honor. Sacrifice. Accountability. Respect. Integrity. Hard Work. Caring. Compassion. Service. Generosity. Gratitude.

Supporting Local Businesses ~ Our neighbors who own businesses are the local taxpayers who know you by name when you shop at their store or eat at their restaurant. They give your teens a summer job or sponsor your child’s little league team. They donate products to your fundraisers and they keep our cities vibrant and functioning. Before you buy, think to buy local first. Supporting a local merchant or professional has multiple rewards.

Media Literacy ~ There is a saying about computers, “Garbage in, Garbage out.” Well, the same is true for our minds. What we feed our brains does indeed influence our thoughts, behaviors and beliefs, and we need to guard our minds with more dilegence and discipline than we do our computers. We have virus protection and spyware, but we let just about anything into our brains through our eyes and ears. Parents have a greater responsibility to protect the developing minds of their children by proactively limiting their exposure to television, the Internet, music, books, video games and even their friends.  Kids are being desensitized to violence, sexualization and death, and we are reminded of this every time there is a school shooting. Bullying has reached crisis levels, but who can be suprised when looking at how reality TV, music and video games degrade and demean the human spirit. We stand for healthy development of our young people and for the healthy spirits of all.

Sustainable Living ~ We stand for the philosophy of sustainability, which goes far beyond recycling and driving an electric car. We stand for making well informed decisions that consider the impact on those around us today, and in the future, in all areas of our lives including: health, financial planning, education, family strength, spiritual health, community involvement, responsible business practices, reducing waste, protecting natural resources and conserving energy.   We stand for acknowledging that we are all connected and all of our actions have a reaction that needs to be considered. We encourage healthy bodies that lead to healthy families that lead to healthy communities. We stand for companies and organizations that act in a responsible and sustainable manner.